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Who We Are

Welcome to Cat's Blossoms & Blooms

Where Flowers & Souls Bloom in Harmony

Imagine a haven filled with vibrant blooms, a place where the air hums with the gentle whir of bees and the fragrance of a thousand blossoming dreams. This, dear friend, is Cat’s Blossoms & Blooms, a haven nurtured by the love of a mother-daughter duo and inspired by the simple joy of flowers.

We believe that every soul deserves the exquisite touch of nature’s vibrant palette, whether you’re a seasoned gardener with a sun-kissed smile and dirt under your fingernails, or simply longing for a touch of color to brighten your days.

Our Founder


The seeds for Cat’s Blossoms and Blooms INC were sown decades ago when Cat was a young girl living in Rochester, New York. Cat’s mother, Holly, was an avid gardener, and Cat was always her “helper.” Our floral gardens were beautiful and looked professionally laid out. One summer, Cat and her parents designed and tended to a large vegetable garden in a friend's yard. If it could be grown in the summer in western NY, it was in that garden. Working with her parents planting seeds and watching the plants thrive and yield crops contributed to Cat’s passion for gardening. Beyond her childhood days, gardening continued to be a healthy outlet and hobby for Cat; something she always wished she had more time to enjoy. After years in the corporate world, Cat decided to find a way to pivot her career and use her gardening skills and knowledge to help others find joy, peace, and purpose. She created Cat’s Blossoms and Blooms, INC with the idea of helping others beautify their surroundings and find tranquility and serenity in their personal spaces. Through hands-on workshops, curated botanical experiences, gardening projects, and group discussion activities, Cat hopes to teach and help others to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Cat is a native of Rochester, New York. She grew up in West Irondequoit and graduated from Brighton High School. She holds several degrees including an AS in Liberal Arts from Monroe Community College, a BA in Liberal Arts from SUNY Geneseo, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She has had a 27 year career in Commercial Real Estate and Property Management, and she is a licensed Real Estate agent in New York. Cat currently resides in Canandaigua, New York. Cat has a daughter Becca and two sons Jacob and Dalton. Becca is an artist and currently instructs art classes in Manhattan. Jacob is a bartender currently living in Rochester, NY. Dalton is a sophomore at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida and is an aspiring young quarterback. We look forward to you joining her in this new venture!