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Our Values


We are committed to fostering empowerment in every aspect, empowering women to cultivate not only gardens but also a sense of strength, confidence, and resilience.


Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we believe in creating a welcoming space where women from all walks of life can come together, share their stories, and find inspiration in the beauty of nature.


We value environmental responsibility and promote sustainable gardening practices. Our commitment is to nurture not only the well-being of women but also the health of for future generations our planet.


Celebrating the artistry in gardening, we encourage women to express their creativity through blooms and greenery.


Building a supportive and nurturing community is at the heart of who we are. We aim to connect women through shared passions, creating a network that uplifts and inspires on their journeys one another.


We believe in the authenticity of each woman's journey. We cherish real stories, genuine connections, and the unique journey through gardening that unfolds.

Cat’s Blossoms & Blooms

Our Purpose

Step into the realm of Cat’s Blossoms and Blooms, a floral sanctuary inspired by Cat’s mother, the ever-blossoming Holly. We're on a mission to weave botanical enchantment into your world, one planting at a time. Whether the art of gardening feels too time-consuming or a tad intricate due to life's demands, let us bring the beauty of the blossoms & blooms into your world.

Cat’s Blossoms & Blooms

Our Mission

To cultivate gardens that bloom with grace and to empower women to embrace the magic of nurturing beauty and creation in their spaces. We believe in the enchanting dance between nature and femininity, weaving a tapestry of vibrant blooms and empowering moments.


Attending Cat’s DIY planting workshop was a joy for me. I loved the information she shared and her creative ideas of how to bring planting into my life in an easy and uncomplicated way. I really felt like with her guidance I can accomplish my planting goals and as a result, I have hired her for my garden goals this spring!

~ Julie H.

I had the pleasure of participating in Cat’s workshop and it was as transformative for the plants as it was for me! Cat brings a gentle, transformative and empowering spirit to gardening that is like none other.

~ Stephanie A.

Participating in Cat’s DIY planting workshop was so soothing, satisfying and grounding for me. I wasn’t expecting this process to be so cathartic and centering! Cat has a way of making you feel welcome, warm and she teaches you how to care for yourself through the power of caring for plants! Can’t recommend her enough.

~ Rubi R.
Our Founder


The seeds for Cat’s Blossoms and Blooms INC were sown decades ago when Cat was a young girl living in Rochester, New York. Cat’s mother, Holly, was an avid gardener, and Cat was always her “helper.” Our floral gardens were beautiful and looked professionally laid out. One summer, Cat and her parents designed and tended to a large vegetable garden in a friend's yard. If it could be grown in the summer in western NY, it was in that garden. Working with her parents planting seeds and watching the plants thrive and yield crops contributed to Cat’s passion for gardening. Beyond her childhood days, gardening continued to be a healthy outlet and hobby for Cat; something she always wished she had more time to enjoy.